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About Us

Founded in 2011

After Many Years working into electronic field a team of Display and Touch specialists decide to open FutureLabs to offer value added solution to a growing market

Specialist in Details

Per company policy we like to support our customers with a 360 degree vision, then for each customize solution we like to offer different options evaluating advantage and disadvantages of each solution and technology because we care about each single detail.

Overseas office

To give our clients and distributors channels full support, in 2015 we open our European office in Italy, this is a Milestone for our company to support our long term mission, to help customer to develop the best visual solution for them application.

Our Services

Display Expertise

At our company, we are able to develop, modify and enanche TFT LCD Technology, to meet the most critical features needed by our customers

Touch Knowledge

Our Team have major experience with touch screen sensor, we are able to develop and integrate the touch solution based on customer application knowing the technology fundamentals.

Bonding Integration

Because of deep knowledge of Touch and Display components we are able to provide the best bonding solution for the customer application

Meet the Team

Young & Expert

Our Team is young but have more than 15 years of experience in Display Touch and Bonding Field.

This experience will provide to customer the best support needed during developing stage and also assist customer in pre and post sales.

Mechanical, Electronic and Optical Engineers are co-working actively to provide you the best design product.

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